Sustainability is the challenge of our time

The problem set is broad: climate change, food waste, breathable air, drinkable water, energy efficiency, cleaner oceans. They are all related, sharing a common root cause.

The culture of waste and overconsumption embedded in society.

We are Greengame. We work with organisations to incentivise sustainable behaviour, using technology, gamification and behavioural economics.

Let’s make sustainable living the norm. Together.

Making Sustainable Living The Norm


Our tech can automatically detect people’s activities that impact the environment – with no manual entry from users, and with an ethical approach to data use, privacy and security.


By creating social, competitive and economic incentives that can appeal to anyone. And by making it in the interest of everyone else – cities, brands, corporates and more – to have a positive impact on the environment and on people’s every-day life.


By enabling Cities, Brands and any other organization to engage and reward employees or the public to incentivise sustainable behaviour, through gamified competitions.

How It Works


Connect your accounts so you can automatically earn points from your activities. Your data is yours, it’s kept safe, and it’s never, ever, shared with third parties.


Points from online grocery receipts, walking, cycling, using shared assets, recycling, travel, advocacy and more.


Join competitions from companies, universities, cities and more, or create your own.


Your city, university, company, or whoever else as they duel others in tournaments.


Prizes and rewards from reaching a winning leaderboard position in competitions and duels.

Have an impact. Act now.


The benefits from sustainable living are broad. Lifestyle, Health, Air Quality, Traffic Efficiency, Energy Savings, Local Economy.

Create your own challenges to engage and reward citizens, or duel other cities in tournaments where everyone wins.


You already know that the fastest growing purchasing decision influencer is the green reputation of your brand.

Building that reputation goes beyond the important things you are already doing around cleaning up supply chains, manufacturing, packaging.

Create your own challenges to engage and reward people, and help them live sustainably on a day to day basis.

Build trust. Drive growth.


Engage faculty and students. Build an impact community.

Compete with other Universities. Integrate and extend your NUS Green Impact activities.

Our Team

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